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Who we are

Inclusive Access Solutions is one of Queensland’s newest and most exciting Access Consulting and Accessible Interior Design services.

Our team of qualified consultants provide professional advice and services based upon years of lived experience in the access field.

With a vision to create a more accessible community, Inclusive Access Solutions provides advice and services to help make your home, business and community accessible to people of all abilities.

Access Audits
New Builds/Construction and Existing Facilities
Accessible Interior Design
“Because ‘accessible’ doesn’t have to mean ‘ugly’”
Access Appraisals
New Builds/Construction and Existing Facilities
Workplace Assessments
Workplace Assessments
Accessibility Action Plan Development Tailored to You
Disability Awareness Presentations
Disability Awareness Presentations
Access Advice on proposed Renovations & Refurbishments – Commercial & Residential
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Providing Solutions

Providing accessible solutions to homes, business and community isn’t limited to finding access solutions for people with restricted mobility. Providing good access benefits everybody, including; the elderly, parents with prams, people with temporary injuries, as well as people with disabilities.

With the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) being rolled out across Australia, people with disability are set to experience more freedom than they’re currently faced with. As a result, people with disability will have far greater capacity to access the communities in which they live.

In response, communities will need to become more accessible and accommodating to these community members. This includes;

  • Businesses (restaurants, cafes, shops, and services)
  • Council
  • Workplaces
  • Hotels
  • Educational facilities
  • Aged Care Facilities


  • Community organisations
  • Sporting facilities
  • Places of worship
  • Parks
  • Other public facilities.

Whether you’re a business/organisation hoping to increase your customer base or a person with a disability looking to gain access to your own home, the team at Inclusive Access Solutions can help you identify and solve your access issues!

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Driven by a passion for equality and access for everyone, Inclusive Access Solutions was created in response to a realisation that, despite being a developed country, access to the built environment in Australia is far behind our fellow developed countries.

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