IntroductionWho We Are

Driven by a passion for equality and access for everyone, Inclusive Access Solutions was created in response to a realisation that, despite being a developed country, access to the built environment in Australia is far behind our fellow developed countries.

  • Access Audits
  • Access Appraisals
  • Accessibility Action Plan Development
  • Workplace Assessments
  • Disability Awareness Presentations
Experiencedand Qualified

Our company’s Directors have over 15 years of lived experience in the disability field. This experience has not only driven our passion, it has lead us to develop a thorough, realistic, and practical approach to achieving access for people with disability. Coupled with formal qualifications in Access Consulting, Inclusive Access Solutions is quickly becoming one of the leading companies in its field.

Workplaceor Home

Whether it is accessible home renovation or access to workplace, business, or community, the team at Inclusive Access Solutions has seen and solved just about every access hurdle known. Let us apply our knowledge and experience to help you solve your access issues!

Inclusive Access Solutions provides practical, affordable, realistic advice to our clients. Our flexible service can be tailored according to personal needs/ability, industry standards in which you’d like your home/business to meet, and/or budget.

Our services can assist your business to maximise accessibility and, in-turn customer satisfaction. Our design consultants can also help to make your accessible home or business beautiful. The advice and information provided to you is based upon many years of lived experience in the disability field.

The staff at Inclusive Access Solutions possess both the experience and qualifications to provide your business/home the quality of service you deserve. Our qualified Access Consultants have over 15 years of lived experience in the disability field.

TeamOur professionals
Dane Cross / Director/Access Consultant
Dane has over 15 years of lived experience in the disability field. Dane is a qualified Access Consultant with a passion for assisting businesses to become more inclusive for people of all abilities.
Stacey Cross / Director/Design Consultant
Stacey has a passion for accessible design and lives by the motto that "Accessible homes and businesses don't have to be 'ugly'. They can be accessible and beautiful." Her passion has been built from over 7 years of accessible design and renovation in a residential setting.
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