While not a photo of the actual stairs, this photo represents the helplessness I felt on that night.
The provision of access for people with disability is not just good practise, it’s mandatory*.

One in five people in Australia live with some form of disability. In business terms, this means that there’s a one in five chance that the next customer or client that is seeking your product/service is a person with disability.

Surveys have also shown that people with disability are loyal customers, often returning to businesses/services/facilities that they know are accessible.

It makes good business sense to cater for customers/clients of all abilities – by becoming an inclusive business/service provider, you can increase your potential revenue by 20%!

Providing good access to your business helps to achieve just that.  The team at Inclusive Access Solutions will provide expert advice on which areas of your business/facility are not accessible and help to provide solutions to create a more accessible environment.

Inclusive Access Solutions specialise in the provision of comprehensive, detailed, and concise access audits and appraisals that assess the accessibility of your facility against the Australian Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards, the Australian Standards (AS1428 series), and the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Our team can offer practical solutions on how to resolve identified barriers and to help your business satisfy the objectives of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Let us to help you avoid costly and damaging litigation as a result of a complaint under the DDA by making your business accessible for all.  Just as importantly, let us help you increase your customer base by providing an accessible business/service!

*For new builds and renovations requiring development approval and/or building approval.

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