While our Access Consultants bring the practicality and legislation to the fore, our Accessible Interior Design service is driven by the belief that “accessible” doesn’t have to mean “ugly”. Our creative designers provide ideas that make your home/business not only accessible but accessible and beautiful.

Our stylish interior designs help people with disability and their families to reduce the stigma of accessible features. Our Accessible Interior Design service helps our clients to keep their home functional without feeling like a hospital.

With reference to the Liveable Housing Guidelines of Australia, the team at Inclusive Access Solutions can help you find solutions to your access issues whilst maintaining character, appeal, and re-sale value.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has presented people with disability and their families an unprecedented opportunity to modify their homes to meet their needs. Bathroom renovations, ramp installation, accessible kitchens, functional living and outdoor areas are all eligible modifications under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Of course, home renovations aren’t something that can be taken lightly. Functionality, aesthetics, usability and re-sale value all need to be considered when undertaking these types of projects. The team at Inclusive Access Solutions can help you create a functional yet beautiful home that maintains its value and liveability.

After all, your home is not a hospital!

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